February 18, 2023

about softera

by softera

about softera


is a software company established in Istanbul, Turkey. The company was established to provide software solutions to all companies to help them manage their business professionally and help them develop their business. As engineers, we have noticed that there are many large companies that lack a lot of success factors such as company management systems, websites, applications, and electronic stores, so we have considered establishing a company to provide solutions to these problems and help these companies increase their successes by providing software solutions that help to accurately work and market it to the equal amount of effort.

Softera's team consists of a large number of engineers and developers trained in the latest software languages available in the world as well as the development team responsible for following up on all new in all fields of technology, which brings us up to date with all the developments taking place in this field, which helps us to put our customers at the forefront of the sparks that acquire these modern technologies.

Softera seeks to be the first company in Turkey to provide technical services and software solutions starting from the work of a programmable site for the company to help it develop it in the future according to all the changes that can occur in the company, making it not need to build a new site when expanding or changing the business model but helps it to complete where it ended, saving it more time and effort. The work of the company's application and its stores helps it to promote its services more and more professionally.

Softera services do not stop there, but we also provide all forms of management systems for team management, follow-up and follow-up accounting systems that facilitate the company's accounting processes. In addition to designing systems for managing restaurants, cafés, factories and other companies that need these management systems to increase the quality of service provided and follow up customer assessments and opinions for business development.


Why do we need a programming company at the start of a new project?

Currently, more than 50 programming languages are used worldwide and each programming language has a specific goal created for it and a specific application that can be used to implement it. That's why you need a specialized company like Softera at the beginning of any new project where the company recognizes the knowledge of the company's software needs and through its developers provides these needs optimally due to the presence of many developers working in different programming languages, each need is assigned to a specialist in this field and performs it


The importance of creating a website for your business?

Creating a website is one of the most important success factors of any new project where you can view all your products on the website and post articles on your website and promote them to convince your customers of the importance of the item or service you provide. Customers can also purchase directly through your website where you can activate the electronic payment feature on it. Therefore, all companies should be careful to program their site professionally helps to attract customers to the company's website in addition to including all details and information about products on the site in addition to the ease of navigation on the site, which makes the customer feel professional from the company and motivates him to deal with it and site developers in Softera are keen to take into account all these considerations when creating the website of your business, which makes browsing your site a distinctive and interesting experience for the customer and creates for him Want to re-visit your website.


The importance of creating a phone app for your business?

Designing a phone app for your business is one of the most successful strategies pursued by companies in recent years due to the control of mobile devices on life in general, which makes the existence of an application for your business loaded through the customer and makes it easier for him all future operations to win customers by creating a professional program and marketing it well makes you the only application in your business on your customer's phone, which helps to repeat the purchase process through your application This is what Softera guarantees, so we care carefully about how to create your business phone app and how attractive it looks to customers.



The importance of creating an online store for your business?

If your business depends on selling and selling a commodity or product, the establishment of an electronic store for your products is the most important pillar of the success of this business due to the recent trend of most buyers in the world to e-commerce and buy online instead of traditional methods and go to stores which consumed a lot of time and effort in addition to that shopping online gives the customer the opportunity to compare prices and choose the most suitable price for him among many From online stores.

Marketing your online store through social media marketing and search engines may make your online store appear at the top of the search boxes when the customer tries to search for one of the products you offer, so the team working on e-stores at Softera provides the store with all the features of displaying products and payment mechanisms, making your store fully professional and helping to increase your business.